5 Essential Items for a Graduate Teacher!

Welcome to the best profession in the world (I may be biased lol). 

This time of year is a hectic one: you have been given your classes/grades, you are trying to make your classroom space your own and are beginning to prepare lesson plans. I'm sure you've experienced a few laminating burns and paper cuts along the way...the struggle is real. 

This list is for those looking to make their job easier and to stand out a little. These items are all from awesome Aussie mums who have started a small business or from fellow teachers. Support local.


1. Personalised lanyard

    Got a bundle of keys, pens and USBS to lug around? You need one of these lanyards! They are pretty and unique. You can get it with just the beautiful silicon beads or personalise it for a little bit extra. I bought one for a friend who just became a Mrs. and she was thrilled. It is a lovely gift for someone or for yourself. 

    Starting from $9.50 it can be customised in preferred bead & cord colours. Click on the link below for details & to make any enquiries & orders.




    2. My Teaching Journal

      Your first year as a teacher is such an exciting time. It is filled with many highs and some lows. It is easy to get discouraged, so it is imperative to stop and reflect on the little and big successes you have had. Remembering all the awesome activities you have run that the kids enjoyed and wonderful teams you have been apart of. This journal is filled with beautiful hand-drawn images that can be coloured in to increase mindfulness next to inspirational quotes. Completely one-of-a-kind, this buckram-bound a5 journal will document your amazing career. 


      3. Personalised feedback stamps

       Personalised writing feedback teacher stamp

      I wish I had found these stamps when I first became a teacher! They are amazing. I am so excited to use the Writing Feedback stamp which will reduce the amount of time spent giving written feedback.  You can customise it to reflect common areas that need improvement, then just simply tick the relevant box for each student. So neat and efficient!

       Facebook personalised Teacher stamp

      You can also give lovely feedback that uses your name and a cool image. Check them out!




      4. Personalised drink bottle 

        I'm sure you have been told about bringing your own mug to school, if you haven't, check out this classic clip https://youtu.be/iZrIRWDef70😂. If you are lucky to chug down a lukewarm coffee throughout the day then you are really mastering this teaching gig. More likely you will be sipping on water throughout the day and then hitting the hard stuff at period 7. Either way On Poynt has you covered with beautiful personalised bottles and funny glasses that will ensure that you stand out and don't have your drink pinched! Just contact her with what you would like.


        5. Tpt gift voucher

        Lastly, spend your money on saving you time. So many amazing teachers have shared their resources on Teachers Pay Teachers. You know that your money is going directly to the creator of the amazing resource and that you are supporting a fellow teacher. You can get gift vouchers for this website too that never expire. If you are looking for resources you should also check out TES Australia as there are lots of free ones available. 


        Good luck on your teaching journey! 

        If you have any other unique teaching items that you use, please comment below :) 

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