About Us

Welcome! I'm Brylie: an avid journalist, passionate teacher and mother to my beautiful girl Poppy and tiny petal Violet (no, the flower theme was not actually intentional!). I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am here to share with you my special keepsake journals that I have made for my family, friends and myself. family photo cockerspaniel blue roan outside

I can help you treasure the precious moments in your life, your child's life and your family's lives forever by providing you a beautiful place to record it and thoughtful questions to focus those memories. 

I have spent many hours designing, formatting and getting the journals printed and bound in Australia. I love thinking of questions to ask but also I enjoyed giving the individual freedom to design, stick in or leave blank different sections so they can truly call it 'My Journal' as it is unique to them. 

Being a teacher for seven years has given me the understanding of what you need to focus on to get through those tough moments. It also has equipped me with a passion for writing and using computers.

As a mother and an aunty, I have seen how quickly their interests change and ideas about the world and have used the expert opinion of my sisters to help shape the questions in My Birthday Book. 

I have always been interested in my grandparent's lives and having sadly lost two grandparents whilst pregnant, sparked the idea of documenting and sharing my family's heritage before it became a mystery.

Each one of these journals that I have created I am using for myself and my family. I would love to share them with you too. Check out my pictures on Instagram to see how I have used my journals or start your own project making those memories eternal by recording your special moments in one of my keepsake journals.

I would love to see how you use these journals. Tag me on Instagram: EternalMemoriesAU or Facebook. All the best with your journey into the past.

xo Brylie xo