The My Teen Birthday Book
The My Teen Birthday Book
The My Teen Birthday Book

The My Teen Birthday Book

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From 10-18 this journal allows those to start a beautiful birthday tradition with your child. 

Each moment of your child's life is precious. They grow up so quickly and what they love one year is very different to the next. Time will not slow down. 

Never miss a moment by using 'My Teen Birthday Book' to document their growth. This Birthday Book tracks their likes, loves, hopes and dreams from 10  up until 18 years old. With thoughtful and funny questions, a place to draw, space for invites and photos, your child will love this special tradition each year on their birthday up until 18 years old. It is a quick interview with only two pages of questions.

It also keeps everything neat in one spot rather than having loose papers, drawings, cards and photos scattered around the house. 
What makes this book even more special is the chance to get grandparents and those close to your child to write a quick note about what they've loved doing with your child in that year in the 'Letters from my loved ones' section. It would be a beautiful gift to give your child once they turn 18. 

Make their birthday one they will remember and treasure each year 🎈🎁💕

Designed, printed and bound as a wire book in Melbourne, this Australian memory book is one that will be a treasured keepsake with the letters being like a time capsule to be revealed to them when they become an adult.


What you receive:

Colour pages printed on a beautiful matte paper and wire bound 

2-page interview for each birthday

2-pages for sticking invites and photographs

2-pages for overall reflection on their birthdays and setting goals for the future

9 pages for writing letters to them each year





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